Tired of not seeing results? Stop “starting over” again and again and let us help you get the body you deserve. Chicago personal trainers at River North Gym have helped their clients lose hundreds of pounds and meet numerous goals over the years. And now, it’s your turn. Our team is comprised of the best personal trainers in Chicago that will provide you with fitness education, nutritional guidance and lifestyle management. River North Gym has set the standard for the best gyms in Chicago by having an elite team of professionals with strong backgrounds in fitness and wellness, including Certified Fitness Specialists, Certified Weight Loss Specialists, Performance Enhancement Specialists, Corrective Exercise Specialists, Strength & Conditioning Coaches,  numerous bachelors and masters degrees, and more. 

When looking for a gym in River North Chicago, we know you have many options. The comprehensive experience of our weight loss and fitness professionals speaks for itself and we can’t wait to help you achieve your goals. Whether your a business professional, a busy parent or just looking to change the way you look and feel, River North Gym is the local fitness gym that has all the tools and resources you need. Read more about our training team below and how one-on-one personal training sessions can redefine your life. 

Jordan Prewitt: Personal Trainer / Master Personal Trainer / Personal Training Manager

“Changing your life isn’t easy but with the right form, the perfect amount of push, and endless determination, together we will build an unbreakable foundation.”

Jordan played sports all his life, but after falling out of shape and at the lowest part in his life, he found reconciliation in life through fitness. Jordan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, specializing in bodybuilding techniques with a strength and conditioning twist. He practices what he preaches and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with anyone and everyone. If there is one thing you’ll get out of his training, it’s the feeling of each muscle working and functioning correctly.


Hayden Grove: Personal Trainer / Master Trainer

“Using a combination of High Intensity Interval Training and the art of Bodybuilding, I help everyone look and feel their ultimate best.”

Hayden’s passion for fitness started as a high school and collegiate athlete, as a 2-time All-American Men’s Volleyball player. After college, where he earned a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, Hayden turned his passion toward aesthetic body building, competing in multiple physique competitions over the past 3 years. As an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Hayden is well equipped to help you reach your fitness goals.


Rachel Jablow: Personal Trainer 

Rachel is a former competitive figure skater with a life-long love of fitness. While living in NYC, she worked for 15 years in the financial industry on a trading desk but felt her work lacked the passion she felt when she was active and training. Rachel has enjoyed training through a variety of modalities from running, swimming, biking, strength training, yoga, pilates, dance…you name it.  But her love of jump rope training led her to found Get Roped™️, a method that incorporates strength and conditioning through interval training, using only a jump rope. With groove-worthy playlist, Rachel brings a challenging, yet fun and encouraging energy to all her clients and classes.