We change bodies & we change lives. The Sweat Principle is everything you need: inspirational coaches, motivating music & a state-of-the-art facility. Join the tribe and join the movement where you can let loose & empower yourself with strength that is beyond the walls. TSP isn’t just a workout. It’s Group Training re-invented. 45-minutes of specialized programming is what it takes to transform the way you look and feel in every aspect of your life.


COACHING: From the beginning, we assign you a coach. Your designated coach works with you to develop a plan to customize your TSP experience. This includes everything from your caloric intake, your BMR, your heart rate zones and more. This is not a one-size-fits-all workout, so we’ll have to create your customized plan from the get-go.

SESSIONS: We offer TSP 3 times a day, giving you plenty of time to torch calories, meet your goals and sweat it out with the other TSP tribe members. Our most successful TSP members choose unlimited sessions, giving them the option to come as much as they like.

FUN: We know working out is something you feel like you have to do. But we want it to be something you can’t wait to do. When you join the TSP tribe, you enter a world of no cell phones, no e-mails, no distractions and no stress…just your team and an amazing workout. That’s the principle, The Sweat Principle.


MEMBER RATE: $250/month
*Includes RNG Membership/Group Fitness Classes/EFT Monthly Investment/3-Month Commitment

NON-MEMBER RATE: $300/month
*EFT Monthly Investment/3-Month Commitment